Harry Powell

Reimagining Data

Harry Powell

Reimagining Data
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Harry leads the Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) team within the Analytics Centre of Excellence in Barclays’ Personal and Corporate Bank.

ADA is a data science team which innovates, designs and builds applications that deliver, direct to customers, relevant analytical content that will help them make smart decisions to improve their lives.

The team is a combination machine learning and Big Data specialists. Because the content is delivered directly to users without human oversight there is an emphasis on software engineering and mathematics/statistics. We build our products in Scala and Spark.

We are working on projects to revolutionise the way our 300-year old institution relates to our customers. The long term vision is to give each of our customers the same level of engagement and support in planning their finances and their lives as they would have if they were billionaires.

Examples of projects include:

  • Insights Engine – Automated system to present customers relevance-ranked privacy-protected analytical insights about their business in natural language form. A highly-optimised general big data application.
  • Location Matching – Identifying non-Barclays businesses in card data by combining turnover data, data on customers shopping trips, and lexicographical information to triangulate the most likely match.
  • Complaints NLP – Categorising and assessing materiality of customer complaints from free-text records.
  • Pricing consumer loans – Using Bayes networks to eliminate control groups, reduce test-and-learn cycle from months to days, and increase pricing accuracy.

Prior to Barclays he was Principal Engineer in the Predictive Analytics team at Betfair.



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